UN chief warns threat to global security ‘probably higher’ than during the Cold War

The threat to global security now is probably higher than during the Cold War, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Friday at the opening of the Munich Security Conference.

"Geopolitical divides have continued to grow and deepen. These divides often paralyze the Security Council and create an environment of impunity in which state and non-state actors believe they can do whatever they want. I am often asked whether we are in a new Cold War. My answer is that the threat to global security now is more complex and probably higher than at that time," Guterres said.

"During much of the Cold War, there were mechanisms that enabled the protagonists to calculate risks and use back-channels to prevent crises. Today, many of those systems no longer exist and most of the people trained to use them are no longer here. Miscommunication or miscalculation can make a minor incident between powers escalate out of control, causing incalculable harm," the UN chief added. 


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