UNESCO is an institution operating under France’s direct supervision - political scientist

UNESCO is an institution operating under the direct supervision of Paris, and this organization’s actions necessitate its withdrawal from French soil, Tofig Abbasov, an Azerbaijani political scientist told News.Az.

The political scientist pointed out that France, which still sticks to a colonial policy, continues to demonstrate an anti-Azerbaijani, anti-Muslim and anti-Turk stance.

He noted that France, which does not accept the realities, regularly makes false and biased statements.

Abbasov recalled that during the occupation of Azerbaijani territories by Armenia, Baku has repeatedly urged UNESCO to send a fact-finding mission to Karabakh.

He added that Baku has repeatedly called on UNESCO to inspect the erasure of the Azerbaijani heritage on the territory of present-day Armenia.

“All our monuments, temples, mosques and cemeteries in Western Azerbaijan - on the territory of present-day Armenia - were destroyed. However, over the past years, UNESCO has failed to send fact-finding missions to both Karabakh and Armenia. After 30 years, Azerbaijan liberated Karabakh, which was completely destroyed by Armenia. UNESCO did not send missions because they would admit the acts of barbarism committed by Armenia,” the political scientist said. He added that Armenia also destroyed pre-Islamic monuments in Aghdam, Fuzuli and other districts of Azerbaijan.

The political scientist also strongly condemned the biased and anti-Azerbaijani allegations made by French Minister of Culture Rima Abdul Malak.   

“Today, the French minister of culture presents herself as a supporter of Armenia’s policy, and her remarks seriously underline Baku-Paris relations. France is pursuing a policy that threatens the world. At present, Africa, the Middle East, Polynesian and Island nations are suffering from French colonialism. France regularly conducts nuclear tests on the territory of its colonies” he added.


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