USAID to continue promoting competitive business environment in Azerbaijan

USAID will also continue to promote a more competitive and favorable business environment in Azerbaijan, the USAID office in Azerbaijan said. 

In this regard, USAID will also continue to work with the Azerbaijan Small and Medium Business Development Agency. USAID will promote a more competitive and favorable business environment allowing local small and medium enterprises to increase yields, quality, and diversify their sales markets, leading to higher incomes and resiliency from economic crises.

The USAID official noted that over the past 7 years, USAID’s work with selected Azerbaijani agribusinesses has generated over $82.7 million in agricultural exports, including $26.5 million to new markets in Europe and the Middle East.

Improved agronomic practices taught by USAID have boosted the productivity of hazelnuts by almost 100 percent, pomegranate by 110 percent, persimmon by 44 percent, berries and orchards by 40 percent at beneficiary farms. Over the past year, the assistance provided in the vegetable sector resulted in a 48 percent increase in productivity.

USAID has supported the completion of three new cold storage facilities over the past year, as well as two more cold storage facilities now under construction, and a number of upcoming projects will provide agricultural machinery, new greenhouse facilities, and packaging, and processing capacity. In addition, through the Women’s Resource Centers USAID has helped over 100 women open their own businesses, increasing incomes for rural women and their families.

Through its projects, USAID is pleased to work with the Azerbaijani people and government towards the shared goal of increasing non-oil economic growth in Azerbaijan, the official noted.


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