Volodymyr Kreidenko: “All of Ukraine supports the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan”

The co-chair of the Ukraine-Azerbaijan interparliamentary relations group, Volodymyr Viktorovich Kreidenko has given an interview to Vesti.az.

How do you assess the results of the visit of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to Azerbaijan at the end of 2019?

It was a landmark visit. The negotiations of the Ukrainian and Azerbaijani delegations were held in an atmosphere of mutual sincerity and trust. Our president expressed confidence that in the future, Azerbaijani-Ukrainian relations will only be strengthened and will reach a new level. Ukraine and Azerbaijan reaffirmed each other's support in the restoration of sovereignty and territorial integrity. These statements were a reflection of the unified, fair approach of our countries to the general problem of the forcible seizure of our lands. In addition, both parties signed a number of bilateral documents, in particular, on cooperation in the sphere of business regulation.

Azerbaijan has repeatedly demonstrated support for the territorial integrity of Ukraine within the framework of international organizations. It illustrates how countries should support each other in the international arena. This is an example of friendship, mutual trust, and mutual support, proven over the years. I am sure that the visit of the President of Ukraine Zelensky will give a new impetus to the Azerbaijani-Ukrainian relations.

You are one of the co-chairs of the interparliamentary relations group Ukraine-Azerbaijan. Which top priorities do you set for your group?

First of all, our group challenges the task of taking cooperation within the framework of GUAM to a new level. Secondly, we must expand economic cooperation in the transport, infrastructure, agricultural, and energy sectors.

Another important point is the establishment of cultural ties between our peoples.

Why Ukraine is interested in cooperation with Azerbaijan?

Ukraine supports the development of the Southern Gas Transport Corridor, through which natural gas from Central Asia will be delivered to Southern and Eastern Europe. In addition, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Aleksandrovich Zelensky invited Azerbaijani companies to actively participate in investing in Ukraine. Countries have great potential and opportunities for enhancing cooperation in the tourism industry.

What can you say about the role of the Azerbaijani diaspora in Ukraine in deepening Ukrainian-Azerbaijani relations?

The Azerbaijani diaspora is one of the largest in Ukraine with about 500, 000 representatives of the Azerbaijani nation living here. They take an active part in the socio-economic and political life of the country. Azerbaijanis did not remain indifferent to the presidential election. Since Ukraine is a democratic country, Azerbaijanis, as well as Ukrainians, and representatives of other nations voted freely and democratically. The Azerbaijani Diaspora of Ukraine is ready to contribute to this in every way. In this regard, I want to remind you that the recently operating Azerbaijani Diaspora organizations in Ukraine were united, and now the Coordination Council of the Azerbaijanis of Ukraine is functioning.

I would also like to highlight the role of the head of the United Diaspora of Azerbaijanis in Ukraine, Hikmet Javadov, in deepening bilateral ties. We can say that the acquaintance of our group on interparliamentary relations with Azerbaijan was initiated by him. In fact, he has done a lot for our work, and we hope that this cooperation will continue. Hikmet Javadov makes an invaluable contribution to supporting Ukraine’s position in Azerbaijan. And we really appreciate it.

How much is Ukrainian society aware of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict?

Our citizens are aware of the conflict, of course, all of Ukraine supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan in its internationally recognized borders. Ukrainians also felt the problem of annexing territories, therefore they empathize with the Azerbaijani people.


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