Western Azerbaijan Community calls on Canada not to meddle in Azerbaijan's internal affairs

The Western Azerbaijani Community has expressed deep indignation at yet another anti-Azerbaijani statement by Canada’s foreign minister, News.Az reports. 

Canadian diplomacy, which speaks of the principle of "self-determination," has actually put itself in a ridiculous position, the Community said in a statement.

"Does Canada, which today is hastily sending a delegation across the ocean to the European Union mission in Armenia, plan to open an embassy in Armenia in the near future, not knowing that even Armenia itself does not touch the principle of "self-determination" after the second Karabakh war of 2020?"

“If Canada is so much in favor of the principle of "self-determination", let it first start with itself and give independence to its province, where the sense of independence is very high,” the Community noted.

In conclusion, the Western Azerbaijan Community urged Canada to stop making anti-Azerbaijani statements and not interfere in Baku’s internal affairs.


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