Western Azerbaijan Community holds event devoted to World Refugee Day

Western Azerbaijan Community held an event themed "World Refugee Day and the refugee issue in Azerbaijan" devoted to World Refugee Day, the Community told News.az.

A photo exhibition regarding the deportation of Azerbaijanis from Armenia, the cultural heritage of Azerbaijan, and historical documents was held and a documentary film was shown at the event.

Chairman of the board of the Western Azerbaijan Community, MP Aziz Alakbarli spoke at the event and Zivar Muradova, who became a refugee from Armenia in 1988, shared her memories of her refugee hardships.

Opening the event with an introductory speech, the chairman emphasized that the event was dedicated to World Refugee Day on the 100th anniversary of the birth of National Leader Heydar Aliyev, who played an invaluable role in solving the problem of refugees and internally displaced persons and establishing international peace, security, and justice, is a very significant event.

Later, Mr. Alakbarli gave extensive information about the history, activities, and goals of the Community established in 1989.

A. Alakbarli stated that the main goal of the organization is to ensure a peaceful, safe, and dignified return to Western Azerbaijan, as stated in the Return Concept of the Community.

Aziz Alakbarli noted that the principled position of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. Ilham Aliyev, that always demonstrated in this matter, in particular, his visit to the Community's administrative building on December 24, 2022, and his programmatic speech there, expressing strong and unequivocal support for the restoration of the rights of Western Azerbaijanis and their return to their native lands particularly inspired the Community.

A. Alakbarli expressed concern about the increase in the number of refugees and internally displaced persons in the world and noted the importance of World Refugee Day in attracting international attention to this issue. On World Refugee Day, the Chairman reiterated the Community's calls to the international community for the implementation of the right of safe and dignified return of Western Azerbaijanis, as well as the right to ensure their rights and security after their return, guided by the principles of human rights and justice.

Later, in 1988, Zivar Muradova, who faced great difficulties while becoming a refugee from Armenia, shared her painful memories and said that she was looking forward to returning to her homeland.

At the event, a photo exhibition depicting the refugee life of Azerbaijanis deported from West Azerbaijan, historical and cultural monuments and cemeteries destroyed in West Azerbaijan was shown, and historical documents and books were exhibited.

In the end, the presentation of the documentary film "Third Mission" dedicated to the refugees took place. The director of the film is Sanan Sultanov, and the screenwriter is Vusal Matlab. The 26-minute film talks about the deportation of Azerbaijanis from Western Azerbaijan.

In addition to the historical video chronicle, the film includes witness statements of people who were deported. The film also included general information about the West Azerbaijan Community, the acquaintance of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev with the building of the West Azerbaijan Community and the meeting with a group of intellectuals from West Azerbaijan on December 24, 2022.

State and government representatives and representatives of diplomatic corps accredited in Azerbaijan also participated in the event.

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