Western Azerbaijan Community slams slanderous views by US congressmen and senators

The Western Azerbaijan Community on Friday strongly condemned the slanderous views voiced by US lawmakers and senators, News.Az reports. 

“Another slanderous letter against Azerbaijan has been issued by a group of US lawmakers and senators. The most ludicrous feature of the joint letter accusing Azerbaijan of “aggression against Karabakh” is that eight Azerbaijani villages taken by Armenia were referred to as “Armenian villages”,” the Western Azerbaijan Community said in a statement.

The Community sees this as clear evidence of the authors' illiteracy, Azerbaijanophobia, and Islamophobia.

“The agreement reached yesterday through direct contacts between Azerbaijan and Armenia shows that the South Caucasus does not need the illiterate letters of US congressmen and senators, and they should abandon the policy of creating unnecessary geopolitical competition in the region,” the Community added.


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