Western Azerbaijan Community urges France to support return of Azerbaijanis expelled from Armenia

Western Azerbaijan Community on Monday urged France to support the secure and dignified return of Azerbaijanis expelled from Armenia, News.Az reports.

“In his interview to the French “TF1” and “France 2” TV channels, President of France Emmanuel Macron accused Azerbaijan of an alleged threat to the territorial integrity of Armenia, and of humanitarian problems in Karabakh. We would like to remind that the French government has never expressed its attitude towards the occupation of the Azerbaijani territories by Armenia, the expulsion of nearly 1 million Azerbaijanis from their homes with ethnic cleansing, and the destruction of a significant part of Azerbaijani territories in the last 30 years,” the Community said in a statement.

“France is turning a blind eye to the fact that not a single Azerbaijani has remained in Armenia. On the contrary, France supported these actions, defending Armenia by any means.

In such a case, at a moment when there are hopes for lasting peace between the two countries, the destructive, provocative and false statement of the French president demonstrates that this country is not interested in ensuring peace in the region,” it noted.

“We call on the French government to refrain from its bad deeds, respect Azerbaijan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, not to hinder the reintegration measures implemented by the Azerbaijani government and support the secure and dignified return of Azerbaijanis expelled from Armenia,” the Community added.


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