Who blockades whom? - Political scientist

"Some of EU's officials are under French influence, which means they are under Armenian influence," political scientist, historian Rizvan Huseynov told News.az.

He emphasized that EU High Representative Joseph Borrel repeatedly made double-headed statements.

"What is applied when the border of any country is crossed without permission? How many obstacles and documents are needed to cross the border of the EU? But why does this cause problems for European officials when it comes to Azerbaijan? Joseph Borel is originally from Spain. We know that a few years ago, Catalonia also suffered from separatism. Some of these separatists were running away from the Spanish laws and asked the EU to help them. But the European institutions arrested them. This shows that separatism is treated very harshly in Joseph Borrell's country and in the EU where he is in office. But for some reason, when we come to the Armenian side, this direction changes sharply," said R. Huseynov.

He noted that no one can cross borders without permission, either according to international, Azerbaijani, or EU laws: "Ağdam Khankendi road has been opened for minority Armenians living in Khankendi. But the Armenians placed concrete blocks on that road in the direction of Askaran.

The question arises: Who blockades whom?

I hope that European officials and Armenians will soon understand that all the destructive steps they take will make Azerbaijan's position tougher."

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