World Association of Press Councils makes statement on death of Azerbaijani journalists

The World Association of Press Councils, in which the Press Council of Azerbaijan is also represented, has released a statement in connection with the death of AZTV cameraman Siraj Abishov and correspondent of the Azerbaijan State News Agency AZERTAC Maharram Ibrahimov, who were killed as a result of a mine explosion in the country's liberated Kalbajar district on June 4. 

The World Association of Press Councils expressed condolences to the families and closed ones of the victims. 

“The death of media representatives who were performing their duties is an extremely terrible trend in the modern world because the word is also attacked together with journalists,” the statement said. “We firmly condemn the barriers against the public's right to receive information. This way we assess the death of Siraj Abishov and Maharram Ibrahimov and want those who committed this crime to be punished. For this purpose, the international community must seriously react to the incident.”

The statement read that the mines, planted during the Armenian occupation in the Azerbaijani territories, resulted in the deaths of many civiliansş

“As known, Armenia refuses to provide maps of minefields. The deaths of Siraj Abishov and Maharram Ibrahimov showed that the current situation is also a blow to journalism. Both media representatives went to Kalbajar to fulfill their professional duty."

“Therefore, we call on the world community and media structures to demonstrate solidarity so that such crimes against humanity in the 21st century will no longer be repeated. Everyone should realize that pressure should be exerted on Armenia. The main thing for us is the safety of journalists performing their official duties," it added. 

As earlier reported, a car with employees of Azerbaijani TV channels and news agencies sent to the Kalbajar district was blown up by an anti-tank mine in the direction of Susuzlug village at about 11:00 (GMT+4) on June 4.  As a result, the operator of the Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasting CJSC (AzTV) Siraj Abishov, an employee of the Azerbaijan State News Agency (AZERTAC) Maharram Ibrahimov, the deputy representative of the Mayor’s Office of the Kalbajar district in the administrative-territorial district of Susuzlug village Arif Aliyev were killed.

Also, four more people got injured and were hospitalized.


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