Yerevan still hides real number of military losses, fearing even greater unrest – expert

Armenia’s concealment of the real number of its military casualties only irritates the population, Yevgeny Mikhailov, a Russian expert on international security issues, told News.Az.

“Yerevan, in my opinion, is now facing a dilemma: if it keeps covering up the real number of military losses, then how will it be possible to delay the population’s indignation, and if it do not hide it, then there will be many times more dissatisfied people, and they will completely destabilize the situation inside the country,” Mikhailov said.

The expert stressed that Yerevan also continues to cover up the real number of military losses due to its inability to pay compensation and benefits to the families of all the victims.

“Media outlets regularly report that the mothers and fathers of dead and missing Armenian soldiers, distraught with grief, are beating up the generals whom they consider guilty of the death of their children. It is quite obvious that, like the hard truth, the lie will be perceived by Armenian citizens as meanness on the part of the authorities,” he added.


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