(Ad) An exceptional New Year holiday in the Maldives – Body and mind change

Niyama and Anantara hotels, surrounded by the captivating blue azure waters of the Indian Ocean, offer guests a special New Year’s holiday program for healthy rest in the Maldives, which is known as the world’s most famous, high-class and one of the absolute dream destinations for tourists, especially for Azerbaijanis.

The famous resorts of the Maldives are ideal for those wishing to relax physically and mentally. 

Celebrate the New Year with your family on white-sand beaches 

Anantara Dhigu resort embraces all the climate and comfort advantages of the Maldives – the Blue lagoon on the coast of the Indian Ocean, snow white by warm shores, oceans and mountains, greenery, and specific weather conditions.

If you dream of celebrating the New Year, not in a cold, snowy, rainy place, but on an island and on a warm sunny ocean shore, Anantara Dhigu will make it come true.

Those preferring holidays in the traditional style will enjoy a wide selection of dishes and sweets. Santa Claus will not forget to come to the resort with a bag of gifts.

Santa Claus can take guests on a hydro bike and go on an underwater treasure hunt with young divers (children over 8).

1001 flavor fair 

As always, this year's culinary program is developed, taking into account even the smallest details, and guests will enjoy new delicious foods every evening. 

The program includes romantic dinners and cheerful family tables, as well as a selection of food and wines from different parts of the world.

The fair will allow guests to taste delicious delicacies of the Maldivian, Thai and Japanese cuisines.

Guests can also enjoy the ceremony of lighting the New Year's Tree.

The Pool Party – the holiday party – will feature traditional Maldivian songs and offer guests seasonal exotic food. The program includes cocktails, games, and a DJ performance.

Dhoni Kids’ Club will offer interesting culinary master classes and team games for children, and their parents will enjoy the services of the resort’s Spa center.

The Spa menu includes Abhyanga, a form of Ayurvedic therapy that involves massage of the entire body from the head to the toe herb herb-infused oils and medicinal herbs. This procedure will help you get rid of all the fatigue and enter the New Year stronger.

The Wellness Family Retreat at the Spa center offers guests sports and yoga exercises, massages, and other procedures for the whole family on the beach.

Enjoy surfing in winter with a professional trainer 

The Niyama Private Islands is the only luxury surfing resort in the whole of the Maldives where waves peel right onto the shore. Niyama Private Islands is the perfect destination for both professional surfers and beginners.

Although the surfing season in the Indian Ocean usually lasts from April to November, Niyama Private Islands offers this pleasure to its guests all year round!

On the eve of winter, surf photographer Louis Ruben visits the resort.

The Australian photographer has specialized in surf photography for years. Over this period, Ruben has collaborated with world champions and professional surfers, as well as leading surf brands such as Lost and Channel Islands. Thanks to his love for photography and the ocean, he is able to capture amazing moments.

The photographer spends most of his time in the water, or on a boat near the surf zone to take amazing and natural photos of surfers.

Energy therapy with a yoga master – Cleanse your spirit 

From October 1, 2022, to January 15, 2023, Niyama Private Islands Maldives resort, together with energy therapist, yoga, and oriental martial artist Arachchige, will tune you into a wave of positive energy with Qigong, yoga, Tai-Chi, judo, karate, and pranic healing methods.

Qigong is an exercise system as part of traditional Chinese medicine. This includes gymnastics, meditation, and breathing exercises.

The word Qigong itself means Qi - energy flow, life force, and Gong – work, purpose.

This is the fundamental basis of Chinese health philosophy.

Tai Chi is a therapeutic gymnastics part of the Chinese martial art of Wushu.

It means supreme ultimate fist. In this exercise, there is a need to focus on harmonious movements, regulation of breath, and state of mind and body.

Drift Spa - Body transformation

The spa menu includes a wide range of treatments - everything from traditional Chinese meditation to body transformation with a therapeutic diet, physical exercise, and holistic beauty therapy.

Drift Spa resort center provides consultations and training on all these services.

Drift Spa is constantly following beauty and health innovations, inviting the world's best specialists from London, Dubai, New York, Canada and other centers to the resort, where guests will be given seminars and consultations against the backdrop of amazing nature.

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