(Ad) Special offer for Azerbaijani tourists wishing to rest in the Maldives (PHOTO/VIDEO)

Niyama- and Anantara-owned hotels in the Maldives, recognized as one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, where visitors can take a good rest, and characterized by a beautiful blue ocean and amazing nature, promise guests a new approach to relaxation, healthy recreation, and an unforgettable vacation.  

Niyama Private Island Maldives, known as a paradise of peace and tranquility in the middle of the Indian Ocean, makes a three-level dining offer. Nest, a fabulous Asian-themed restaurant in the treetops, offers unique dining experiences, while visitors can enjoy African and South American cuisines in Tribal restaurant with a jungle canopy overhead and torches lighting the way. Subsix, an underwater restaurant located 6 meters below sea level, is known for its champagne breakfasts. Located 500 meters from the beach and being accessible only by boat, Edge restaurant offers modern Maldives cuisine.

The resort’s offers are unlimited: the introduction of two new dining concepts – Took Took Asian Street Food on the Beach and Rum, Ribs, and Reggae barbecue restaurants, helps further expand the island’s gastronomic options.

Along with a white sandy beach, a crystal clear blue ocean, overwater villas and poolside breakfast, Niyama Private Islands Maldives in Dhaalu Atoll offers guests something more – teleportation to Africa. No need to fly anywhere, just book dinner at Tribal, the only restaurant in the Indian Ocean serving Central and South American, and national African cuisine.

Located in Dhaalu Atoll, a 40-minute flight from Male, Niyama Private Islands Maldives is ideal for people seeking to relax in solitude and tranquility. The resort consists of twin islands called Play and Chill, which are different in concept – one for recreation and the other for entertainment.

The spa at Niyama Private Islands Maldives boasts the state-of-the-art NAD+, one of the most sought-after IV therapies in the world. The two-hour treatment is proven to cleanse the skin and strengthen hair. Recent studies reveal that NAD+ helps improve brain and liver function, slow memory loss, and combat the signs of aging.

The latest innovation of Niyama’s Drift Spa is state-of-the-art epigenetic testing revolutionizing the approach to health. Epigenetic testing analyzes hair follicles, reveals any food sensitiveness and allergies and detects annoying body problems. Based on findings, a 90-day Optimal Wellness Nutritional plan is developed for visitors who can continue to use it even after returning from the resort.

The Niyama Private Islands is the only luxury surfing resort in the whole of the Maldives where waves peel right onto the shore. Professional surf photographer Naomi Adbib stays at the resort through July to capture images of guests surfing. This coincides with the visit of Cris Mills, a special surf strength coach, who helps surfers to improve their skills.

Vodi surf point is located on the coast of the resort’s Play Island. Here, surfers can experience strong left waves, sometimes accompanied by foamy hills. Off to the west and five minutes away by speedboat, Kasabu Point is well-known for its fast and strong right waves. Here you can enjoy surfing all year round with stronger waves between March and November. What makes local venues particularly attractive is the non-presence of many athletes here.

Anantara-owned hotels – the epitome of legendary Thai hospitality, are located in the most amazing corners of the planet and serve as a link between travelers and local culture, the inhabitants of the country and their traditions. The creation of each Anantara resort – be it a modern metropolis, desert, or jungle – is inspired by the cultural traditions, heritage, and natural beauty of its location.

In early 2019, Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort unveiled its newly renovated beach villas. The greenery-surrounded villas on the beautiful coastline fit perfectly into the perfect relaxed atmosphere of the Maldives.

For visitors to fully enjoy their Maldives holiday, the resort offers a wide range of villas to suit all tastes: Sunrise Beach Villa and Sunset Beach Villa with direct sea access, Anantara Pool Villa with a private pool, spacious Two-Bedroom Family Villa, as well as Two-Bedroom Anantara Pool Villa with a large private pool and terrace.

Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort offers a range of IV Therapy, including a vitamin drip treatment to help relieve fatigue and energize guests.

The main feature of IV Therapy is to deliver the necessary vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly to the bloodstream. Thus, the useful substances are better absorbed and have an immediate effect on the whole body immediately after the one-hour therapy.

Anantara Dhigu and Anantara Veli have developed a new wellness concept for health-conscious people and those who are new to leading a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to a resident nutritionist, guests can now enjoy personalized nutrition advice, healthy lifestyle and nutrition seminars, and balanced nutrition masterclasses and undergo numerous wellness and spa treatments.

Located in South Male Atoll, three island resorts – the family-run Anantara Dhigu, the adults-only Anantara Veli, and the 20-villa boutique mini-hotel Naladhu Private Island – are minutes from each other, and a 30-minute speedboat ride away from Male Airport.

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