Ahmad Ismayilov: Reports about alleged blocking of Lachin-Khankendi road is latest example of disinformation campaign against Azerbaijan

“The reports about the alleged blocking of Lachin-Khankendi road is the latest example of disinformation campaign conducted against our country,” said Executive Director of the Media Development Agency of Azerbaijan Ahmad Ismayilov as he addressed the panel session on “Prospects of creating single media platform” of the Central Asian Media Forum held in Astana, Kazakhstan. 

Ismayilov noted that the Turkiye-Azerbaijan joint media platform aims to provide objective and correct information regarding the truths of both countries to the international community through the global media, adding that Azerbaijan has also signed Memorandums of Understanding with similar institutions of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. He also emphasized that the close cooperation between the media organizations is extremely important in the context of the fight against disinformation campaigns conducted against the countries and societies.

Touching upon the recent reports about the alleged blocking of the Lachin road connecting the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan with Armenia, Ahmad Ismayilov said that in reality, Azerbaijani civil society activists are protesting against the illegal exploitation of the country's natural resources, adding that the protestors are also creating all conditions for the passage of civilian vehicles. “It is extremely important to effectively convey this truth to international audiences, and we must work together to achieve this goal,” he emphasized.

The two-day media forum seeks to become a unique platform for collaboration and intends to create a single media environment for the countries of Central Asia.

The forum counts more than 100 invited speakers, world-famous Pulitzer Prize winners, global policymakers, international and local journalists, influencers, heads of international organizations, and media experts.

The forum raises the topics of measuring regional identity, the development of new media, artificial intelligence technologies in the industry, the future of creative industries in Central Asia, the possibilities of regional and global cooperation to ensure information security, fake news in the post-truth era, media literacy issues, sustainability and the role of women in media.


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