Ambassador: Azerbaijani companies did not take part in Yalta economic forum

Azerbaijani companies did not take part in the 3rd Yalta International Economic Forum (YIEF) in Crimea, Azerbaijani Ambassador to Ukraine Azer Khudiyev told APA.

The ambassador noted that the Azerbaijani side is investigating reports on the initiation by Ukraine’s law-enforcement authorities a criminal case against Azerbaijani companies.

“Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Economy said none of the listed Azerbaijani companies took part in that forum. Moreover, some of these companies are state-owned enterprises. They are aware of what happened, so they could participate in the forum,” said Khudiyev. 

The diplomat noted that the Economic Forum has a site that covers the event, and there is no mention of Azerbaijan.

“We have contacted the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine. If ours haven’t gone there, they cannot be prosecuted. Currently, the procedure is that they want a formal letter from us. We gave the answer orally as the data came up only a few hours ago. Now the letter is being prepared and will be sent to them immediately. The minutes will be sent to them. They will give us an official answer,” he added.  

Earlier some media outlets reported that upon the request of Ukraine’s Security Service, the country’s Prosecutor General’s Office launched investigative actions against participants of the 3rd International Economic Forum in Yalta city of the Crimean region, annexed by Russia.

Forum participants are accused of grossly violating the rules of entry into Ukraine’s occupied territories.

Among the participants were delegates from 17 large state and private companies of Azerbaijan.


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