American journalists visit Azerbaijan’s Fuzuli, Zangilan districts

In the course of their visit to the liberated lands of Azerbaijan, a group of American journalists and media representatives paid a visit to Fuzuli region, News.Az reports.

According to the State Committee on Work with Diaspora, the guests, on their way to Fuzuli region, witnessed destroyed villages and settlements reflecting Armenian barbarism. They also visited Merdinli village mosque. It was brought to their attention that many mosques of Karabakh region had been exposed to vandalism as a result of Armenian occupation, even some mosques, including the Merdinli village mosque, were used as a piggery.

The guests also got acquainted with Fuzuli International Airport and a new residential complex built in the city of Fuzuli.

Later, the guests were informed that according to the "Great Return" program, people had been relocated in Aghali village, rebuilt based on the “smart village” concept, and the process is currently being continued. It was emphasized that modern town planning standards were applied, the most modern technologies were used, and different infrastructure were created for the recently relocated population in Aghalı village. It was underlined that residents were provided with proper jobs by relevant bodies in accordance with their qualifications and skills.

An Aghali village resident told the foreign journalists that she left Zangilan in her 20’s and returned back 30 years later. "It has already been eight months that I live and work in Aghali village and I am is very satisfied with the conditions created by our state for the residents of Aghalı village", told Aghali resident.

The delegation included Azerbaijani journalist Vusala Abbasova, student of Yale University and reporter of U.S. bureau of the “Report’ Information Agency, Afram Kosafi, head of the UN bureau of "Arab News", former representative of the world's leading media organizations in the conflict regions of Afghanistan, Iraq and South Lebanon (who worked for many years as a war correspondent (Fox TV, CNN, Al Jazeera), Paola Vargas, New York and Washington correspondent of the well-known television network of the Republic of Colombia (Caracol TV and Canal )famous blog writer, Paolo von Shirac, founder and chief of "Schirach Report" Selcuk Acar, photojournalist of the US bureau of "Anadolu" Agency, founder of "Turkish Journal" and Calvin Dark, president of "RC Communications", well-known journalist and political commentator.


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