American musician: I am very proud to call Azerbaijan my home - PHOTO - VIDEO

"It is my hope to be able to come visit very soon and perform my songs in Azerbaijan."

American musician Kendra Moriah, who lived in Azerbaijan with her family for 14 years and then moved back to the United States, often shares posts about our country, music and cuisine on her pages in social networks and expresses her love for Azerbaijani people.

News.Az presents an interview with Kendra Moriah:

- As I know from social networks, you had lived in Azerbaijan with your family for 14 years and then moved back to the United States. What was the reason of your coming to our country and then leaving for the United States?

I moved to Azerbaijan with my family when I was 4 years old in 1992, and lived in Baku for 14 years.  My father is an English teacher, he started the Learning Center in Baku. My mother is a musician and she taught me how to sing and play the guitar. I have two younger sisters and one little brother. My little brother is actually Azerbaijani, we adopted him when he was a baby. I moved back to the United States in 2006 to attend University and study music.

- You were accustomed to living in Azerbaijan since childhood. So how did the change of atmosphere and society influence you after moving to the United States?

- Moving back to America was very hard for me at first. I missed everything about Azerbaijan, especially my friends and the food. I love Azerbaijani food. The culture is very different here, and it took a while to get used to. But I love both countries now, and I am very proud to call Azerbaijan my home. 

- You regularly share amazing posts about Azerbaijan on your Instagram and Facebook pages. Sometimes your sister Alexi also joins you. Could you please share your impressions about our country?

- I am so happy that my Azerbaijani friends like my little songs and videos I have been making! I would like to start writing more songs in Azerbaijani, because it is my hope to be able to come visit very soon and perform my songs in Azerbaijan. I would love to see all the places I grew up in again. When I lived in Baku my families first apartment was near Bakisoveti Metro station, and then we moved to Patamdar. I also loved visiting Alti Agac, Sheki, and Gax, on holidays. I attended school at the Baku Choreography Academy when I was 7 years old. The Academy is where I learned music, ballet, art, and the Azerbaijani language. I still remember performing my first song at the Alefba Bayram. I would love to come see all those places again.

- Would you marry an Azerbaijani?

- (smiles) I am already engaged to a boy here in Los Angeles 

- Is there any similiarity between Azerbaijan and the United States?

- There are many similarities of where I live now (California) and Azerbaijan. One big similarity is the love of art and music. I love Azerbaijani music and their dance and poetry. Here in Los Angeles there are also many amazing artists and musicians. 

- As far as I know, you are a musician. Could you please tell us about your activity in the sphere of music? 

- Yes I am a singer and song writer. I love writing songs about my life and my experiences. Sometimes I write and perform just by myself with my guitar, sometimes with my band. I also love to do music with my sisters, my boyfriend, and my friends here in California. I am working on many projects right now and I am excited to share them all with the wonderful people of Azerbaijan! 



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