ANAMA and MEDIA organized round table with media representatives (PHOTO)

Mine Action Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Media Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan jointly held a round table for media representatives, reports.

Officials of the Demining Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Media Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the UNEC Research Fund, as well as the Audiovisual Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan, participated in the event, which was attended by local media executives.

Ramil Azizov, the head of ANAMA's Education, International, and Public Relations Department, who delivered the opening speech, thanked the media representatives for their invaluable mediation in the Agency's activities. He talked about the activities carried out within the framework of combating the threat of mines and noted that the support of the media is undeniable in eliminating the wrong way of thinking about the current danger, educating society about the danger of Explosive Ordnance, in increasing public awareness, and in conducting propaganda among every stratum of the population in an effective form.

Head of the Media Subjects and Journalists Department of the Media Development Agency, Natig Mammadli drew attention to issues such as the safety of journalists working in extreme conditions, and the reliability and completeness of information delivered to society. Emphasizing the importance of journalists gaining experience in this direction, Natig Mammadli also noted the importance of preventing the spread of information that harms national security in the media.

The main goals of humanitarian clearance operations based on the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS), the leading role of the media in informing the society about the mine threat, the information priorities of ANAMA, as well as the expansion and improvement of mutual activities were exchanged.

ANAMA's experts provided the event participants with information about demining operations in the liberated territories, training opportunities of the Agency and application rules for joining the trainings, final monitoring and quality checks in the areas where demining activities were carried out.

The round table emphasized the importance of full and objective transfer of information to people, fight against misinformation, ensuring trust in the media in the society and educating the public in the fight against landmines.

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