Apples from Azerbaijan cause a stir in Yerevan

Apples from Azerbaijan are sold in the Yerevan groceries.

According to Haykakan Zhamanak, apples marked 'Azerbaijani product' are sold in the grocery at Hasratyan street of the Achapnyan administrative province of Yerevan beginning from yesterday", user Rachui Barsegyan wrote.

On her Facebook page, Barsegyan posted a photo of the boxes of Azerbaijani apples, she made in one of the groceries close to former Shirak store. She wrote the following under the photo:

"They already appeared in the yard shops... this photo was made by me. The shop is at Hasratyan street. The first vegetable stand in a fruit and vegetable row."

The same user later posted a video in which she proves that the information is true and the apples are still on sale and are purchased. 

Armtimes clarified that D-Fruits company is registered in Azerbaijan's Guba. The company has representative offices in both Russia and the Emirates, Saudi Arabia. The company's website posted the information that the apple gardens are on the Caspian shore and this is an ecologically safe product. 


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