Armenia again violates ceasefire by firing at Azerbaijani Army’s positions

The units of Armenian Armed Forces on August 4, starting from 14:50 to 00:00, from the positions in the Arazdeyen settlement of the Vedi region, Yukhari Shorzha, Azizli, Shishgaya, and Garaiman settlements of the Basarkechar region, the Ardanish settlement of the Chambarak region using small arms subjected to fire the Azerbaijan Army positions in the direction of the Heydarabad settlement of the Sadarak region, Novoivanovka and Galakend settlements of the Gadabay region, Istisu and Yellija settlements of the Kalbajar region, the Tazakend settlement of the Dashkasan region, Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense said.

There are no losses or wounded among the military personnel of the Azerbaijani Army.


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