Armenia and Russia: Yerevan should legalise the 'two nations, one state' scheme

Image is a great thing, its creation takes years for some and millennia for others, like our South Caucasus neighbors.

The 'long-suffering' Armenian nation is inventing new 'tests' for themselves year by year, for everyone to feel pity about it, head of Trend's Russian news service Elmira Tariverdiyeva writes in her article. However, Armenian myths do not stand any criticism. In the recent interview with one of the Armenian publications, Armenian Deputy Foreign Minister Shavarsh Kocharyan complained that unlike Azerbaijan, Armenia has no friends.

Raving of Turkey's support for Azerbaijan, Kocharyan said broken-heartedly that Armenia has no such ally. "Turkey has long stated that they are one nation and two states. In this sense, it would be an exaggeration to expect any country, whoever it is, to be as close to Armenia," he said noting that Armenia should generally not pin hopes on other states, but diversify relations with various power centers, states and international organizations.

It is no secret that Armenia has recently turned its back to Russia and is looking for the West in a hope to upsell itself and Kocharyan's interview is valuable not for this, but for it clearly demonstrates the scheme of creating the image of a 'long-suffering nation' in the eyes of the public and the world community.

However, the 'long-suffering' Armenia is absolutely different from what Armenians imagine it to be. The fact is that Russia supplies weapons to this poor and lonely country, which cannot pin hopes on anyone, for a credit which will never be repaid. In addition, western countries allocate considerable amounts of money to Armenia, which was not mentioned by Kocharyan, as he was complaining about Turkey-Azerbaijan friendship.

As a result of this support from both sides, the 'long-suffering, lonely and unhappy' Armenia holds Azerbaijani lands under occupation for already more than 25 years. All the same, the mediators, namely the Minsk Group co-chairs, are practically supporting the Armenian aggression and occupation, owing to which Yerevan feels its absolute impunity.

If Armenia is now looking for a greater assistance, as Kocharyan hinted, it can be recommended to legalize its annexation to the Russian Federation. By the way, it would benefit Baku, since in this case Azerbaijan will be able to legalize its negotiation with Russia on deoccupation of its own lands.

Armenia would also benefit from it, since the Kremlin would be able to do more for the country than today's Armenian leaders, who led it to nothing but demographic crisis, poverty and crime wave.

In this case, Armenia and Russia would be 'two nations, one state', which already happens in the newest history of Armenia. 


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