Armenia ready for any provocation to involve Russia in Karabakh conflict – Israeli political scientist

The logic of Yerevan, which recently fired a missile at Azerbaijan’s Ganja city, located outside the conflict zone, is to force Azerbaijan to retaliate against Armenian cities and thereby “force” Russia to fulfill its duty to protect Armenia in accordance with the military alliance with the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), Israeli political scientist Yuri Bocharov told News.Az.  

Under the CSTO agreement, an attack on one of the parties to this organization will be considered an attack on all other members, Bocharov noted. “However, the treaty on Russia’s party can come into force only if Armenia’s territorial integrity is violated."

The expert also stressed that today the entire world, including Armenia itself, understands that the Azerbaijani army is fighting on its territory, liberating its lawful lands from occupation, and no one can interfere in Azerbaijan’s just cause.  

Bocharov went on to say that Armenia, losing hostilities on all fronts, is ready for any provocation just to involve Russia in the conflict.

The political analyst also spoke about the international community’s failure to objectively assess and strongly condemn Armenia’s terrorist acts.  

“Unfortunately, neither the world community, nor the world powers have anything to do with regional problems, everyone has their own selfish interests, which do not serve other peoples’ well-being. Moreover, they are interested in preserving the "status quo" when the two republics are in limbo and cannot develop normally without the "help" of outside forces. Although it is possible, someone will formally condemn the bombing of civilians, but as I have come across, in the far West, they have a poor idea of the Azerbaijani map, for most of them it is a point on the world map where the ongoing war is not in their interests,” he concluded.


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