Armenian company intends to sell bananas to Iran via Azerbaijan

The Armenian company ArmEc Trading intends to supply bananas to Iran through the territory of Azerbaijan.

According to Oxu.Az, ArmEc Trading President Vardan Harutyunyan stated this in an interview with EADaily.

It turned out that bananas marked ArmEc Trading are already imported to Kazakhstan.

According to Harutyunyan, trade and economic relations with Ecuador formed and deepened precisely thanks to the EAEC.

"Our first exit was on the market of Kazakhstan, where today Ecuadorian bananas are imported thanks to our company. The scheme is as follows: the product is shipped directly to Kazakhstan, but the documents are registered in Armenia, and the profit tax goes to the Armenian treasury.

"Today, we are negotiating with Iran, whose huge market needs Ecuadorian products, but because of the existing sanctions, the transportation of goods through Armenia was fraught with serious problems. However, it seems that we have solved this task, and the Ecuadorian bananas will be supplied to the Iranian market from Georgia, through the territory of Azerbaijan, but, as in the case with Kazakhstan, the profit tax will flow to the budget of Armenia," he said.


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