Armenian diaspora organizations stand against signing of peace treaty between Yerevan and Baku – Markov

A possible signing of a peace treaty between Baku and Yerevan means the establishment of normal economic relations not only between Armenia and Azerbaijan but also between Armenia and Türkiye, Sergei Markov, director of the Institute for Political Studies of Russia and political scientist, told News.Az.

“This also means that Armenia with its isolated economy will be able to develop relations with the whole world much more easily, not only through the territory of Iran, as it is now. Moreover, Armenia will also be able to join large-scale economic projects co-initiated by Azerbaijan and Türkiye in the region,” he said.

The Russian political scientist pointed out that Armenia’s dream of establishing a so-called entity, named “Artsakh”, has already been consigned to history. Undoubtedly, Azerbaijan will retake full control over the entire Karabakh soon.”

Markov stressed that Armenian diaspora organizations, which exploit Turkophobia and Azerbaijaniphobia, stand against the signing of a peace treaty between Yerevan and Baku.

Over the past decades, according to the Russian political scientist, Armenia has established various foundations and organizations serving Armenians in Karabakh.

The political scientist said the most likely scenario, of course, is that after the trilateral statement of November 10, 2020, ends and Russian peacekeepers leave the region after fulfilling their missions in two and half years, the Azerbaijani Army will calmly enter the territories of Khankendi, Khojlay and other cities of Azerbaijan.

The Russian political scientist also stressed that Pashinyan is also trying to involve different organizations, which have good relations with Armenia, in this process.

“First of all, Azerbaijan is a multicultural country, and multiculturalism forms the basis of Azerbaijan’s ideology for the benefit of all other nations living in this country. Secondly, why should the Armenian community of Azerbaijan be granted more rights than representatives of other countries, for example, Russians, Georgians, and Jews, living in Azerbaijan?” Markov added.


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