Armenian ombudsperson takes steps contrary to int’l conventions, Azerbaijani ombudsperson says

Armenia’s ombudsperson takes steps contrary to international conventions, said Azerbaijan’s Human Rights Commissioner (Ombudsperson) Sabina Aliyeva.

She noted that the steps taken by the Armenian side contradict all norms of international law.

"The Armenian ombudsperson had to take care of the Azerbaijani prisoners held there at that time. Two of our Azerbaijani compatriots had been held captive in Armenia for about 6 years. The Armenian ombudsperson never met with them, but we take care of the Armenian detainees in Azerbaijan and are constantly interested in them. This is our state policy,” Aliyeva said.

“We don’t discriminate against anyone. I have regularly visited detainees in Azerbaijan and monitored their conditions, because Azerbaijan has always adhered and respects all international norms and principles, its conventions. We are always interested in members of criminal groups detained in Azerbaijan,” the ombudsperson added.


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