Armenian saboteurs intended to mine supply routes in the rear of Azerbaijani troops: Defense Ministry

The Armenian side once again spread misinformation in order to cover up the provocations committed by the reconnaissance-sabotage group on May 27 at about 03:00 in the Kalbajar region of the Armenian-Azerbaijani state border, said Colonel Lieutenant Anar Eyvazov, spokesperson for Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry.

He noted that Armenian soldiers were disarmed in the territory of Yukhari Ayrim village of Kalbajar.

“At the same time, the enemy has assembled its forces including tank formations in the frontline,” Eyvazov said. “Armenians are passing off the sabotage group, which was attempting to mine our territory and to commit sabotage, as engineers and sappers. If so, then what kind of engineering work can Armenian military engineers do in the territory of Azerbaijan?”

“Anyone who has just a little knowledge of military affairs understands that engineering work is not done by small groups. Such groups are part of the reconnaissance-sabotage detachments, and it is clear that they invaded our territory to commit provocations. Their purpose was to mine the supply routes in the rear of our forces serving on the border. So that the forces moving along the supply routes were blown up by a mine, as a result of which there would be casualties among the personnel of our units,” the spokesperson added.


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