Armenian war criminal detained by Azerbaijan faces his next victim at trial (VIDEO)

Vagif Khachatryan, accused of committing a massacre in the village of Meshali in Azerbaijan’s Khojaly district, faced another victim of his torture at the trial on Tuesday, News.Az reports.

The footage taken in the courtroom shows that Ibrahim Nurmamadov, a Meshali village resident, who was tortured by Vagif Khachatryan during the first Karabakh war, approached the cell where the accused was kept with the words: "Do you remember...?"

Then, Nurmamadov, who participated as a victim at the trial, was removed by the prosecutor from the accused.

Armenian citizen Vagif Khachatryan, who was on the international wanted over the Meshali massacre, was detained at the Lachin border checkpoint in July this year.

In December 1991, the criminal group, of which he was a member, killed 25 Azerbaijanis, wounded 14 people, and expelled 358 Azerbaijanis from their legal place of residence in Meshali village in Khojaly district.

In connection with the emergence of sufficient grounded suspicions, a decision was made to bring Vagif Khachatryan as an accused under Articles 103 (genocide) and 107 (deportation or forced resettlement of the population) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Khachatryan was put in pre-trial detention.


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