Armenian war criminal Mkrtychyan tortured captives with red-hot ramrod, former Azerbaijani POW says

Armenian war criminal Ludwig Mkrtychyan tortured captives with a red-hot ramrod from a machine gun in Shusha prison, former Azerbaijani captive Zaur Rzayev said.

Rzayev made the remark at the trial on the criminal case of Armenian war criminals Ludwig Mkrtychyan and Alyosha Khosrovyan, who tortured Azerbaijani captives during the first Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh war and committed other crimes. 

The former Azerbaijani captive said that he was severely wounded in Aghdam, after which he was taken, hostage.

"They brought me to prison,” Rzayev said. “There I was wounded in the shoulder. Mkrtychyan burned my wound with a burning cigarette. When I drank water, they beat me with a rebar and a shovel. Mkrtychyan beat my wound with a shovel. There was Samvel Babayan's farm in Khojavend district."

“We were forced to work there, 30-40 Azerbaijani captives were forced to build a pig farm and a poultry farm there,” the former Azerbaijani captive said. “David, Karen, and Ludwig were wardens. They came and tortured us. Mkrtychyan insulted us in the Azerbaijani language.”

“Mkrtychyan beat the Azerbaijani captives with the butt of a machine gun and an iron bar,” Rzayev said.

"We dragged stones,” he added. “We were starved to death, there was no strength to work. Mkrtychyan beat me with the butt of a machine gun, demanding to work faster. We were beaten in turn. A group of five people tortured us every week. They left, new ones came. I still have scars from numerous blows on my head."


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