Armenians' attempts failed: Europeans said 'no' to 'artsakh' - FACTS

The plans of the ruling circles of Armenia seeking international recognition for the separatist regime created in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan have failed again.

As is known, on December 15-16, Yerevan hosted the  summit of the Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists, reports. The Armenian government planned to organize the participants' trip to the occupied Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan at the end of the event in order to present it as an initiative of the European conservatives to provoke their confrontation with official Baku.

The visit of the European guests to Karabakh was even included in the program of the event beforehand. However, the Executive Secretary of the Alliance, Richard Mislomi, distributed a letter with a statement of respect for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, and after that the trip to Karabakh was removed from the program.

Besides, after the Azerbaijani diplomats spoke with the political parties joining the alliance, their representatives raised the issue of abstaining from visiting Karabakh. The participants were informed of the legal consequences of any illegal trip to the occupied territory of Azerbaijan. As a result, after the event, judging by the information in the Armenian press, several European politicians who did not even want their names mentioned took part in the trip.

Thus, the provocative actions of the Armenian side this time did not lead to the result that was achieved before. Few participants of the meeting responded to the initiative of Gagik Tsarukyan, chairman of the "Blossoming Armenia" party, and took part in an illegal trip and in a meeting with Bako Sahakyan. This meeting is highlighted in the Armenian press superficially, which may be due to the desire of the participants not to disclose their visit to the occupied territory of Azerbaijan and to avoid being included into the list of undesirable persons in Azerbaijan.
In this light, it would be interesting to quote the opinion of the Secretary General of the Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists Daniel Hannan, who in an interview with the Armenian newspaper "Zhohovurd" touched upon the agreement concluded between Armenia and the EU.

Answering the question that Armenia could become a bridge between the EEU and the EU, Hannan said that the Customs Union rules out such a possibility.

"This agreement can not give anything to Armenia if the country does not make internal changes," he said, noting that Armenia is not completely free in its decisions, since it depends on Russia.

With these words, the European political organization, which includes 15 parties from 12 countries and 75 members of the European Parliament (the third largest faction), expressed its attitude to Armenia's foreign policy, which seeks to show its independence from Russia.

Another tangible blow to Armenian propaganda was the visit of the president of the Alliance of European Conservatives and Reforms Jan Zahradil to Baku on December 18, where he stated on behalf of the organization that no one from the conservative parties visited the occupied Karabakh.

Judging by the photographs in the Armenian media, some of the participants of the Yerevan summit visited Karabakh at the invitation of Gagik Tsarukyan, perhaps even without knowing where they are going. But the fact remains that European politicians do not want to advertise it and avoided commenting on it to the Armenian press. In turn, this shows the failure of the insidious plan of Armenian authorities who got slapped by the Alliance's statement of support for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.


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