Armenia’s mining operations in Karabakh contradict international law: AIR Center adviser

Armenia’s mining operations in Azerbaijan’s Karabakh region run contrary to the norms of international law, Matin Mammadli, a leading adviser at the Baku-based Center of Analysis of International Relations (AIR Center), told News.Az.

“As you know, these activities are being carried out in the Gizilbulag gold deposit and the Damirli copper-molybdenum deposit,” Mammadli said.  

He noted that all this is taking place under the control of Russian peacekeepers.

“Both the separatist regime there and the Russian peacekeepers are fully responsible for such illegal activities,” the AIR Center adviser said.

Mammadli stressed that the Russian peacekeepers violate the norms of international law by preventing Azerbaijani ecologists from conducting monitoring.

“For this reason, representatives of Azerbaijani NGOs are holding a peaceful protest to express the position of Azerbaijani society. They make quite righteous demands that the Russian peacekeepers fulfill their duties. These are our fundamental national interests. Azerbaijan will not make concessions to Russian peacekeepers on this issue. I hope that this issue will be solved positively soon,” he added. 


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