Attorney: Armenia ruling party controls all 3 branches of power in country

The ruling Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) oversees the legislative and executive authorities in the country.

Attorney Vahe Grigoryan on Friday stated about the aforesaid in his concluding remarks at the Constitutional Court hearing on the petition by the opposition Congress-PPA (Armenian National Congress (ANC) and People’s Party of Armenia) Bloc, reports.

The bloc demands from the Constitutional Court to invalidate the results of the parliamentary election that was conducted in the country on April 2.

In Grigoryan’s words, the RPA also controls the institution of the President with extensive powers, and the judicial branch of power. 

“We are dealing with a [political] party that oversees all three branches of power [in Armenia],” he stressed.

As per the attorney, the current unconstitutional situation in the country has deep roots.

“And if this court continues in the same spirit, then it will not be able to meet at least the minimum requirements of justice,” added Vahe Grigoryan.


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