Austrian chancellor tests positive for COVID-19

Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday, the Federal Chancellery said, adding that he was infected by a member of his security team, News.Az reports citing Xinhua.

Nehammer shows no symptoms and carries out his official duties from home via video and telephone meetings. He will not attend in-person meetings in the next few days, the Chancellery said, adding that Nehammer has received three COVID-19 vaccine doses.

Meanwhile, the chancellor's wife and children tested negative on Friday.

"There is no need to worry, I am fine," Nehammer was quoted by the Chancellery as saying. "My appeal continues to be: Go get vaccinated, get a booster, that will protect you with high probability against serious illness."

All persons with whom the chancellor was in contact on Thursday were notified. None of them need to be in quarantine and all of them have been vaccinated three times, the Chancellery said.

Austria has been enforcing a lockdown for the unvaccinated in an attempt to stem the surge of coronavirus.


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