AZAL to reaffirm high int'l safety requirements in field of civil aviation

Azerbaijan’s flag carrier AZAL has once again successfully passed the audit of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for compliance with the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) standard, press service of Azerbaijan Airlines told News.Az.

This audit, which for the first time was conducted in a remote format, once again confirmed “Azerbaijan Airlines” as a reliable air carrier that meets the most stringent international safety requirements in the field of civil aviation.

IOSA Audit (IATA Operational Safety Audit Program) is a program of verification of a few hundred mandatory standards and recommended procedures structured in several sections. The airline should confirm compliance with them during the audit.

The audit program includes checking the main areas connected with the field of air transportation, such as ground, cargo and flight operations, maintenance of the aircraft fleet, safety of air transportation, etc.

The audit includes not only an assessment of the airline's production activities, but also its organizational structure. As part of the audit, the system to minimize risks from the influence of the human factor as well as the feedback system (that enables timely ensuring that the corrective actions are taken) are assessed. Operations by each employee of the airline is registered down to the smallest details, which allows to minimize all possible errors and shortcomings.

“For the seventh time, AZAL has successfully passed the IOSA audit which is one of the most important audits in the field of civil aviation safety. Successful completion of the audit during the pandemic once again proves that maintaining the highest level of flight safety is a key priority of our airline,” - said Jahangir Asgarov, President of “Azerbaijan Airlines”.

Azerbaijan Airlines is a member of IATA since 1993.

In addition to ensuring the highest level of flight safety, AZAL has repeatedly been awarded for the high quality of passenger service. British consulting company Skytrax, which is the world-famous and most influential in the sphere of assessing the quality of airline service, awarded AZAL a prestigious 4-star rating and named the airline the best among all carriers in the Central Asia and India market.


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