Azerbaijan adequately responded to Armenia and its patrons with UN mission’s statement: MP

The UN mission’s recent visit to Azerbaijan’s Khankendi city and the Lachin border checkpoint to monitor the situation on the ground disrupted the blackmail and smear campaign conducted against Azerbaijan by the Armenian propaganda machine worldwide, Azerbaijani MP Tural Ganjali told News.Az.

The lawmaker noted that the facts reflected in the statement of the UN mission regarding its visit to Azerbaijan’s Garabagh region refuted the allegations of the so-called “ethnic cleansing” by Armenia and its patrons as groundless.

“The UN mission said it did not record any facts about Armenians forcibly leaving their homes in Azerbaijan’s Garabagh region,” he said.

MP Ganjali stressed that although the Azerbaijani state provides a safety guarantee, the Armenians leave Garabagh of their own free will.

“The UN mission also concluded that civil, medical and social services are resumed in the city of Khankendi. The infrastructure and agricultural sector were not harmed. The voluntary departure of Armenians from Garabagh was especially emphasized,” he added.

The lawmaker stressed that with the UN mission’s statement, Azerbaijan gave an adequate response to Armenia and its patrons.

“It should be especially emphasized that during the 30-year-long occupation of Azerbaijani territories by Armenia, no mission was allowed to enter Garabagh to monitor the situation because Armenia engaged in destructive activities there. However, the fact that the UN mission arrived in Khankendi less than two weeks after Azerbaijan’s 24-hour local anti-terror measures showed the world that Azerbaijan has nothing to hide,” MP Ganjali concluded.


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