Azerbaijan-Armenia normalization process in spotlight of Peruvian media

Guik, a popular Peruvian news portal, has published an interview with Azerbaijani Ambassador Mammad Talibov.

The interview provides information about the Azerbaijan-Armenia normalization process and the ongoing talks on a peace treaty through the mediation of various international actors, the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Mexico told News.Az.

Expressing hope that a peace treaty will be signed by the end of the year, Ambassador Talibov noted that the formerly occupied Azerbaijani territories were subjected to destruction, urbicide, ecocide and culturecide. He said that Azerbaijan is currently carrying out large-scale restoration and reconstruction work and demining activities in its liberated territories.

The diplomat also provided information on the implementation of the "smart village" and "smart city" projects in the liberated Azerbaijani territories, as well as the process of the phased return of internally displaced persons to their native lands.

He noted that in order to prevent the transfer of manpower, ammunition, mines, as well as other military supplies for illegal Armenian armed detachments existing on the territory of Azerbaijan, a border checkpoint has been established on the border with Armenia. The unimpeded movement of civilians and humanitarian vehicles through the border checkpoint is ensured.

Ambassador Talibov also underscored the need for the reintegration of Armenian residents of Azerbaijan’s Karabakh region into Azerbaijani society and the unblocking of all transport and economic communications. He emphasized the importance of opening the Zangezur corridor for the entire region.


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