Azerbaijan calls on Garabagh’s Armenian residents to ignore orders of illegal military junta

In connection with the local anti-terrorist activities carried out by the Azerbaijani Army in the Garabagh region to restore the constitutional order of the Republic of Azerbaijan, an appeal was made to the residents of Armenian origin living in the region.

The appeal was issued in Azerbaijani, Russian, and Armenian languages and published in the form of leaflets, News.Az reports. 

The appeal states:

"The Armed Forces of Azerbaijan are carrying out measures to disarm illegal armed formations in the territory of Garabagh. The purpose of these activities is to put an end to 30 years of plundering of this region by the so-called regime and bring freedom, justice, peace, and prosperity to the people living there.

Be sure that your life is very valuable to the state of Azerbaijan. Therefore, when implementing the activities, stay away from military units, facilities, military equipment, and all administrative buildings where the illegal regime is carrying out its activities. Do not obey any orders and instructions of the illegal military junta. Do not wear military uniforms or carry weapons. This may make you a legitimate target. Do not leave the houses where you live, stay safe there.

The Azerbaijani soldier is a savior! He is coming to save you from the slavery of the military junta!

Azerbaijan is a multi-ethnic country with about 30 ethnic groups. You have been presented with a very different picture for many years, but rest assured that in this country the rights of citizens are protected regardless of their language, religion, and ethnicity, and people live in peace. And you can live in comfort and prosperity just like them! So if there are belligerents among you, stop and think about it. You are taking up arms against your own state – the Republic of Azerbaijan. This is the wrong way, and dangerous for your life. If you are at combat posts, get out of there as soon as possible. Get rid of the military uniform and lay down your weapons. Azerbaijani soldiers never shoot at civilians.

The leadership of Armenia and those who are at the head of its puppet regime in Garabagh have become rich and brazen at your expense. They have great wealth in foreign countries and do not think about their future. That is why they hide behind your backs and sacrifice you for their personal ambitions. The Armenian people already know their internal enemies well. We should not be enemies because of these political players, the Azerbaijani Army is not your enemy, it will never harm you. It has come to save you from criminals. Do not resist, the Azerbaijani state guarantees your safety.

Your safety is the best solution for you. Do not believe the false promises of the illegal regime. They gave you only promises for 30 years, while they sat in comfortable chairs, plundered money meant for ordinary people, and built a prosperous life for themselves. And now they are hiding behind you. Today, the young people who believed in their lies and took up arms are your children. Turn them away from the wrong path, and protect their lives.

If you want to live safely, you should clear your neighborhood of Armenian army units, you should resist them so that they return to Armenia. Make the illegal military formations lay down their arms and offer no resistance. The presence of illegal armed formations and criminals in Garabagh must end. We know that you also wish for an end to oppression, fear, and uncertainty. Work for the realization of this dream, peace, prosperity, and coexistence.

There will not be a single illegal military left in Garabagh, they will all be disarmed. If you have been recruited into illegal armed groups, remember the 44-day war and realise that resistance to the Azerbaijani Army is pointless. Lay down your arms and surrender. Now is the time to put reason above emotions.

Be careful, do not believe the calls of the representatives of the illegal regime, and do not follow their instructions. Food and other necessities will be delivered to you as soon as possible. Those who need help can turn to the Azerbaijani military. They will do their best to solve your problems.

Azerbaijan wishes you to live in peace and prosperity. To achieve this, it will neutralize the military junta that has kept you in fear for almost 30 years. Your children should live on these lands not with weapons, but with their own labor. These lands should be prosperous, the people should be happy. Fight for your own happiness, not for the interests of others. You are offered a safe and dignified life, comfortable living in your own home with your relatives, economic revival, and social prosperity. Do not believe the false promises of those who have built a comfortable life for themselves in foreign countries, do not let them deceive you, do not let them use you as a tool. You deserve a more dignified life as a citizen of Azerbaijan!

The criminal regime encourages you and your relatives to fight with Azerbaijani soldiers, but they take their family members out of Garabagh in different ways. Save your children from senseless death. Azerbaijan wishes you friendship and peace. Do not believe the false promises of anyone or any foreign country. The security guarantee is given to you by the state of Azerbaijan. Like other inhabitants of our country, you should live in peace and well-being.

Propaganda by Armenia and the criminal regime in Garabagh has created a perception among the Armenian population that Azerbaijan allegedly wants to pursue a policy of ethnic cleansing and expel Armenians from Garabagh. Had there been such an intention, Azerbaijan would not have stopped the war in November 2020. At that time, no force could have prevented the Victory March of the Azerbaijani Army. However, the Azerbaijani state chose peace and extended the hand of friendship to the people living in Garabagh. Because Azerbaijan is a country where many nationalities live in friendship. We are sure that peace and coexistence between people is possible. You also need to accept this truth and join the new beautiful life as citizens of this country.

After the lands were liberated from occupation, everyone was horrified by the sight of destroyed towns and villages. The leaders of the so-called regime, who had been getting rich for years with the money collected for you, not only went beyond looting but did not even do anything to improve the living conditions of the ordinary people residing in this region. Otherwise, you would live in good houses and have a safe life.

The Azerbaijani state has been rebuilding towns and villages of Garabagh for the last 3 years, creating new modern infrastructure. Major construction works carried out in Shusha, Lachin, Fuzuli, Zabukh, Aghali, and other places are a vivid example of this. Together we are capable of reviving Garabagh. We want you to take part in this process. This is not the time for weapons, war, or conflicts. This is a time for construction and peace.

For many years Robert Kocharyan, Serzh Sargsyan, Arkady Ghukasyan, Bako Sahakyan, Araik Harutyunyan, and their entourage have amassed wealth and made fortunes by deceiving, exploiting, and sending you to your death. Every time the situation became tense, they washed their hands of the situation and left you to face your bitter fate. You went under the wing of the so-called regime created by these criminals instead of the strong, developing state of Azerbaijan that provides prosperity, security, and peace to its citizens.

Those who gave you empty promises, as usual, ran away and hid again. Now is the time for the test, the moment of historical choice has come. Make the right choice!"


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