Azerbaijan capable of responding to all terrorist acts and military provocations adequately - Israeli political scientist

Armenia’s military provocations and terrorist acts against Azerbaijan have repeatedly resulted in the death of civilians and on-duty military personnel, Yuri Bocharov, an Israeli political scientist, told News.Az.

The Israeli political scientist noted that the Azerbaijani Army has always adequately responded to Armenian provocations.

“However, as international practice indicates, to prevent terrorism and terrorists, they must only be eliminated,” he said.

Bocharov emphasized that the Azerbaijani state is capable of suppressing and giving an adequate response to all provocations and terrorist attacks.

“The sooner Azerbaijan solves the problems in its Garabagh region, the sooner peace will come there. It is high time Azerbaijan launched anti-terrorist activities in Garabagh. I’m confident that Azerbaijan will carry out its anti-terrorist activities very successfully and perfectly,” the political scientist added.


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