Azerbaijan commemorates 30 years since Aghdaban genocide

Thirty years have passed since the genocide committed by the Armenia in the village of Aghdaban on the Azerbaijani Kalbajar region. 

On the night from April 7 through 8, 1992, during the occupation of Kalbajar, Armenian armed grip massacred the residents of the village of Aghdaban. A total of 130 houses of the settlement were burned, 779 civilians were subjected to inhuman torture, including 67 who were killed. Armenian armed groups burned 8 people aged over 90 alive, as well as two children and seven women, 12 people were seriously injured, the fate of two persons is still unknown.

As another manifestation of the policy of vandalism carried out by Armenia against Azerbaijani cultural heritage, monuments of history, architecture, and culture were destroyed, sacred places of worship of Azerbaijanis of the Turkic-Islamic period were desecrated and destroyed.

National leader Heydar Aliyev was the first to give a legal and political assessment of this tragedy, calling the events in Aghdaban the greatest crime against humanity and describing them as a shame for all mankind.


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