Azerbaijan conducts military operations based on int'l law: Turkish government

Azerbaijan is conducting military operations based on international law, the Turkish government told Trend.

According to the government, Azerbaijan has every right to liberate its lands from occupation.

"The international community, instead of calling on Azerbaijan for a truce, should demand the withdrawal of Armenian troops from Nagorno Karabakh," the government said. “Azerbaijan has faced double standards of the international community from the first day.”

"Only self-respecting countries support Azerbaijan in this rightful cause. All attempts by Armenia to present the military conflict in Nagorno Karabakh as an inter-confessional war are groundless and doomed to failure. Unlike Armenia, representatives of all religious confessions live in Azerbaijan and the country is an example of tolerance in the world," noted the government.

“From September 27 to October 17, 60 Azerbaijani civilians were killed and 271 were injured. Among the dead and wounded are women and children. The civilian infrastructure was seriously damaged,” the government pointed out. “These facts are another display of the terrorist and fascist policy of Armenian military-political leadership towards the peaceful population of Azerbaijan.”

“The international community must take measures that will determine the international legal responsibility of the Armenian government for actions against the civilian population of Azerbaijan. We call on the constitutional review bodies of all countries, as well as all international organizations, to condemn the war crimes of the Armenian government. Information about these crimes against humanity must be brought to the attention of the international community,” the government also said.

"The progressive international community must say a clear" NO "to the policy of fascism and Nazism of the military-political leadership of Armenia," added the government.


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