Azerbaijan explores spheres needed to be developed in Karabakh

It is essential to restore Azerbaijan’s liberated Gubadly and Zangilan districts, where viticulture, tobacco, and grain growing, as well as animal husbandry were developed, Doctor of Geographical Sciences of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences ANAS Zakir Eminov told Trend.

According to Eminov, it is important to build livestock farms for pedigree cattle, create processing enterprises for viticulture and tobacco growing in these territories.

“Kalbajar district is located in a mountainous area. Therefore, it is mainly possible to develop sheep breeding here. In the river valleys of the foothill territories, it is possible to practice crop production, but it will be limited,” said the scientist.

"The most important work needed to be carried out in Karabakh is the restoration, creation, and construction, which represents the economic and territorial potential of the country. To accomplish these tasks, it is, first of all, important to adopt state programs. A special state program will be prepared for the socio-economic development of the Upper Karabakh economic region (Aghdam, Tartar, Khojavend, Khojaly, Jabrayil, Fuzuli districts and the cities of Shusha and Khankandi), as well as the Kalbajar-Lachin economic region (Kalbajar, Lachin, Zangilan and Gubadly),” Eminov noted.

“Along with this, scientific institutions should be assigned tasks to support and assist in the implementation of these programs. The main task to be performed by the ANAS Institute of Geography is the study of territories from a physical and economic point of view. The physical geography of the territories has undergone serious changes: forests have been cut down or burned, rivers have been polluted, the agricultural system has been completely destroyed, the soil has been degraded, and the situation in settlements is deplorable. Therefore, the existing natural conditions of the territories and natural resources should be initially assessed. For each territory, a development plan must be drawn up for at least 5 years,” said the doctor of geographical sciences.

“Karabakh was a region where agriculture was mainly developed, and it is important to restore this sphere. It is necessary to assess the land, establish for what purposes they can be used - what crops and on what land can be grown, whether these territories are suitable as household plots, whether they can be used as sown areas or for farming, create local cooperative farms,” Eminov added.


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