Azerbaijan: First stage of resettlement of former IDPs to liberated Aghali ends

The first stage of the resettlement of former IDPs to Aghali village of Azerbaijan’s liberated Zangilan district has come to an end, News.Az reports. 

Aghali village is built on the basis of the ‘smart village’ concept.

The fourth group of citizens was resettled to Aghali from Zangilan refugee settlement, located in Masazir village of Absheron region, on July 25.

Another 10 families of 58 people will live in the houses provided to them in a newly built village with the most modern infrastructure.

Resettled families are former IDPs who lived in difficult conditions in temporary settlements. Among them there are natives of Aghali-1, Aghali-2 and Aghali-3 villages.

A total of 41 families (201 people) resettled in four stages to Aghali village are provided with all the conditions created in accordance with the concept of a ‘smart village’.

The resettlement of former IPDs to Aghali village is the first step in the framework of Great Return.

This administrative territory united three villages before the occupation.

According to information, 40 families (154 people) lived in Aghali-1, 60 families (245 people) lived in Aghali-2, and 161 families (675 people) lived in Aghali-3.

A total of 41 families were resettled to Aghali village in four stages.


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