Azerbaijan, Georgia to continue negotiations on delimitation early next year

The delimitation process between Azerbaijan and Georgia is not over yet, said Azerbaijan’s Deputy Foreign Minister Khalaf Khalafov.

"The intergovernmental commissions continue the negotiations. We were planning to hold a similar consultation this year with Georgia on delimitation, but we failed to make it happen,” said Khalafov.

He went on to say that Azerbaijan and Georgia are likely to continue the negotiations on delimitation early next year.

“If there is no agreement in certain areas, negotiations are continued, which is a long process that is not so easy. Sometimes discussions on each area last for months,” said the deputy FM.

As for the issue of demarcation between Azerbaijan and Russia, Khalafov said. "There is a state commission to carry out demarcation between Azerbaijan and Russia which has so far adopted all normative legal documents.”

Khalafov said that work is underway to place necessary signs and installations on the border in accordance with the approved plan.

"This work will continue into next year. We agree meetings between the heads of the commissions through diplomatic channels. This is a continuous process,” he added.  



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