Azerbaijan increases monthly volume of electricity consumption by population

Azerbaijan’s Cabinet of Ministers made a decision on measures in connection with the regulation of the monthly volume of electricity consumed by the population.

The relevant decree was signed by Prime Minister Ali Asadov.

According to the decree of Azerbaijan's President on a number of measures to reduce the negative impact of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) and the sharp fluctuations caused by it that occur on the world energy markets and equity markets, on the economy of Azerbaijan, macroeconomic stability, employment issues in the country and business entities, Cabinet of Ministers decided:

the monthly volume of electricity at a rate of 0.07 manat (4 cent) per kilowatt hours, determined for consumers from the category of population by the decision No. 17 of the Tariff (Price) Council dated November 28, 2016, from April 2020 increased by 100 kilowatt hours during the next two months and is set at 400 kilowatt hours.

This decision applies to electricity consumed from the day of counting of meter readings in April. The volume of electricity consumed during the month means the electricity used within 30 calendar days.

Azerishig OJSC was instructed to prepare and submit to the country’s Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Finance the necessary information and supporting documents in order to compensate for the difference resulting from the change approved by part one of this decree at the expense of funds allocated by order No. 1950 of the president of Azerbaijan dated March 19, 2020.


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