Azerbaijan launches COVID-19 vaccination of over-50s

COVID-19 vaccination of 50-years and older citizens has started in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan continues the nationwide vaccination campaign in accordance with the strategy of vaccination against COVID-19 for 2021-2022.

For passing the vaccination, the citizens should link to, take the online queue for vaccination against COVID-19 using the ‘Rendezvous for the COVID-19 vaccine’ e-service by entering the ID card number and FİN-code and clicking on ‘Check’. Then, from the proposed list, there should be selected the vaccination item, date, and time and entered the citizen’s mobile phone number.

Upon completion of the registration, a message will be sent to this number stating that the queue was registered. The message will display the date, time, and place where the first dose of the vaccine will be received. It will be necessary to present an identity card at the reception of the medical institution where the vaccination will be conducted.


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