Azerbaijan outlines directions of foreign policy for 2021

The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry will continue to conduct a flexible and pragmatic foreign policy to adequately represent the country’s state and national interests in the international arena in 2021, the Foreign Ministry said in a press release summing up 2020.

The main efforts will be directed at further development of cooperation based on the principles of mutual respect and equality, meeting the interests of bilateral and multilateral relations, attracting friendly countries and international organizations - partners in the restoration of the liberated Azerbaijani territories, encouraging new cooperation and development initiatives in the region, as well as the strengthening of positions and further enhancement of Azerbaijan's prestige in the international arena by ensuring the successful implementation of large-scale regional infrastructure projects in the fields of power engineering and transport.

Foreign policy will be carried out on the basis of the thesis, emphasized by President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, that it is one of the basic principles of establishing relations with all countries on the basis of equality, mutual respect, and trust.


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