Azerbaijan pays special attention to training of young soldiers (VIDEO)

Special attention is paid to the training of young recruits in all military units of the Azerbaijan Army. Various theoretical and practical classes are held with this category of servicemen, the Defense Ministry said on Thursday.

In the course of the training, young soldiers are taught the rules of military discipline, form and improve their drill skills. In the classes conducted by the class leaders, the military personnel is trained to learn the subject and elements of drill training.

In military units, special attention is also paid to the physical training of military personnel. Physical training with the military personnel is held in the sports area. During the classes, the military personnel train at various types of sports facilities and fulfill various standards.

In the military units of the Azerbaijan Army, there are recreation areas and ideological rooms where servicemen can spend their leisure time effectively following the daily routine. Here the servicemen get acquainted with the new issues of newspapers, magazines, and other publications of the military press.


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