Azerbaijan put an end to mythology that portrayed Armenian army as an “invincible army, President Aliyev says

“The second Karabakh war is our historic victory. There has never been such a victory in the centuries-old history of Azerbaijan. There is already sufficient information about the war and I do not want to repeat it. The course of the war is known to everyone. Our textbooks, research papers, articles and books should simply provide very detailed and extensive information about the war and the pre-war period, so that we can record this history the way it is, write it the way it is, so that future generations always know it, don’t forget it, including the Armenian savagery,” said President Ilham Aliyev as he addressed a ceremony to raise the state flag in the city of Kalbajar.

Noting that the second Karabakh war has also resulted in a complete destruction of Armenian mythology, the head of state said: “Because, for many years, for 30 years the Armenians had been bragging about of their “military victory”. The Armenians had invented several myths that they allegedly had an “invincible army” and that their army could allegedly hold on to these lands forever. We have blown this myth to smithereens. There is no Armenian army today. The Armenian army has been completely destroyed. The vast majority of weapons and ammunition of the Armenian army was destroyed or taken as spoils of war and is now on display in the Military Trophy Park. We have put an end to the mythology that portrayed the Armenian army as an “invincible army”.

The second myth was that Armenian soldiers were “brave” and could prevail in any war. We have dispelled this myth as well. Armenian soldiers are deserters and cowards. They have acknowledged themselves, and this has been proven, that there were 10,000 fugitives in the Armenian army during the war. There was not a single deserter in the Azerbaijani Army. So this myth was also blown to smithereens. Armenian soldiers are deserters.

Another myth was that the Azerbaijanis would not fight for their lands, that they had come to terms with this situation, and if the war had not been started for about 30 years, it would not start in the future either. We have dispelled this myth too. We have shown that we had never intended to come to terms with this situation. I have said this many times. I said in all my speeches that we would never put up with this situation, that we would liberate our lands from occupiers at any cost, and we did that. This mythology was also shattered,” President Ilham Aliyev mentioned.


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