Azerbaijan ready to again compel Armenia to peace: Israeli political scientist

Even after Azerbaijan's brilliant military and political victory, the provocative and revanchist spirit towards Baku prevails in Yerevan, Israeli political scientist Arye Gut told News.Az.  

He was commenting on Armenia’s ongoing provocative actions aimed at aggravating the situation on the border with Azerbaijan.

The political scientist stressed that this situation proves the lack of flexibility in Yerevan after the defeat in the Second Karabakh War.

“Azerbaijan, as a victorious country, seeks to establish relations with Armenia, create an atmosphere of dialogue and cooperation, as well as a new geopolitical platform. But, unfortunately, the revanchists’ actions speak for themselves and this suggests that Azerbaijan should not forget that Armenia continues to stick to its provocative and odious nature. It is always necessary to be ready for war. The Iron Fist remains in place so that Armenia understands that it is dealing with a victorious country,” he added.

Gut also expressed confidence that, if necessary, Baku is ready to compel Yerevan to peace, which in no way refuses its policy of aggression.


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