Azerbaijan ready to prevent all possible threats to its security: military expert

The newly launched exercises of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces are pre-planned and of special importance, because they are attended by participants of the 44-day second Karabakh war, military expert Shair Ramaldanov told News.Az. 

On May 16, the Azerbaijani army launched exercises with the participation of various types of troops. The exercises involve up to 15,000 military personnel, 300 tanks and other armored vehicles, 400 missile and artillery installations of various calibers, multiple launch rocket systems, mortars and anti-tank weapons, up to 50 units of military aviation and unmanned aerial vehicles for various purposes.

The expert noted that several types of troops are taking part in the exercises, in particular, special-purpose units, motorized rifle units, artillery, air defense and others.

“After the victory achieved in the second Karabakh war, its results are analyzed, and the experience gained in it will also be used in these exercises. With these exercises, Azerbaijan demonstrates that it intends to continue to further increase the combat training of military personnel,” he added.

Ramaldanov stressed that Azerbaijan is ready to prevent all possible threats to its security.


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