Azerbaijan repatriates 12 citizens from Syria - MFA

Some 12 Azerbaijani citizens held in the Amarna camp in the Syrian city of Jerablus were repatriated on November 24, the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry told News.Az.

The repatriation took place as a result of consistent and coordinated measures taken by the Azerbaijani government.

As noted, at first, the location and identity of the Azerbaijani citizens, who were supposed to be repatriated, had been determined, and then their transfer to the territory of Turkey had been ensured.

“The Azerbaijani Embassy in Turkey provided our citizens with "Certificates of Return to the Republic of Azerbaijan" and on November 24 these citizens were repatriated to the country on an Ankara-Baku flight. The government of Azerbaijan intends to take all the necessary measures for the rehabilitation and reintegration of these persons,” the ministry said.

The Foreign Ministry reported that the repatriation of citizens was carried out on the basis of joint and coordinated activities of the relevant state bodies of Azerbaijan.

“The assistance provided by Turkey in the implementation of this process should be specially noted. The Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan will continue to take the necessary measures to protect the rights and freedoms of its citizens,” the ministry added.


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